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#🍂 The Compost Place


Wanderer, however far you have travelled, you have come to a strange place.


A few words on the prospect …

… to present this website to its engaged readership. It is on you to discover the plain relations and the hidden links between the subjects that are put on display here.

In this space, we seek to understand how contemporary socio-ecological movements and individuals alike are challenged by the seemingly ubiquituous, distinctively superfluous digital intermediaries of neo-feudal, commercial platforms. These platforms and apps of our everyday either extract and exploit our most vulnerable personal data, or they require a subscription to participate in their as such enclosed "social" data exchange systems. Their ecological impact is enormous and soon there will be nothing else left to commodify.


It is public space itself, in both virtual and local form, which is on decline. This poses a challenge to democratic organisation of society and also emphasises unelected privilege and unaccountable property.


To achieve an overview of the situation, we maintain a warm and moist 🦠 Compost from the remnants of our produce, in which we find hints and peeks at what permacomputing means to a post-collapse society in a post-collapse environment on a post-collapse planet. The understanding of the situation allows us to sustain the fertile ♻️ Humus that entails our lifes, from which we cultivate rich 🌱 Soil to share with everyone.


This analysis builds the context, from which concrete political positions are derived.


First, we demand to consider Locality first! when seeking out chances of emancipatory intervention with Care + Solidarity for each other. Where we are is where things are taking place and experience shows that surprising events occur, when people get together.

We further promote the idea of Federalism! to counter the monopolising forces of accumulated capital. In opposition to the general enclosure, we offer an understanding for collective responsibility for the Commons + Commoning of computational infrastructures as a means to distribute access and power.

What we find is, that we need to spin Frugal webs!, which are disconnected from the corporate world and sufficiently sophisticated to care for Degrowth + Ecology at the same time. It is not only a technical decision to reduce the friction involved in doing so, but also an ethical one.


It is important to understand, that we have a say and choice in shaping interpersonal mediatisation.


To invite the readers of this page to take the choice, we hand out concrete examples. We present an overview of ✺ People whose work informs this ongoing discussion, before we collect a selection of ❇ Protocols that promote equal and just ways of digitally mediated interaction. Ultimately, we seek out promising ✿ Platforms that aid self-determined and ecologically aware agency in an adaptive society on a finite earth today.

Come in and remain curious along the tracks.

In so that we do not alone dream …


… of a liveable world for future generations.


Spring equinox 2024, Ecobytes


Kia kaha! 🏵️